Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marathon training is a lot like pregnancy

We eat all the time.

We drink a lot.

We pee every two hours.

We see a health care provider regularly.

Our bodies hurt in weird places.

The night before the big event, we can't sleep.

We're tired most of the time.

We have a whole wardrobe that is only suitable for this one thing, and we worry how those clothes make us look.

We talk to other runners about what their experience is like.

We crave pickles.

We did it willingly, but halfway through want to take it back.

We always say we'll never do this again.

We think the men get off too easy.

The pain comes and goes, until the end when it just comes and comes and, in a surprise ending, keeps coming.

Random strangers talk to us. (Fortunately there's no belly patting.)

However, when I shared this theory with Rachel, she shared a story she'd heard about a couple who'd just finished their first marathon. He asked, "so, is this harder than childbirth?"

"Honey," she replied, "this isn't even harder than breastfeeding."

OK. Not a perfect analogy.

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