Thursday, July 12, 2012

Foggy goggles

My mom keeps walking outside and immediately remarking on how foggy her glasses are. This is the price we pay for vacationing somewhere humid.

So far, the day has been a good one. Rachel and I sort of jogged through DFW, then discovered our plane was boarding, so we locked up our bladders and made it on the puddle jumper.

We missed a few turns between airport and motel, got confused by the worst parking lot EVER, were greeted by the two cutest little boys in the world and a pretty great young man, then I got to be a jungle gym/merry go round/swing while we decided where to go to dinner. Our options were seafood, seafood, seafood and Cock on the Walk. That was my vote.

Then I tried an oyster. It was awful. Nothing should feel like that in your mouth.

Finally, oh glorious day, it rained. Hard. It was warm. It was wonderful. I miss the rain.

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