Saturday, July 14, 2012

100% humidity

So last night we're at this local restaurant and Josh orders a soft-shelled crab. Now, we all live in states with lots of beach but very little ocean, so there was some debate on how to eat said crab. I mean, it may be soft, but it's still a crab shell.

Anyway, as the waitress was taking away the crab, I asked "for future reference" but really just to satisfy our curiosity, if you can eat the whole crab.

Based on her look, this was the dumbest question she'd heard all week.

Rachel and I got up at 5:30 this morning since we're both marathon training. I immediately discovered that a dry heat is much preferable to running through this muggy air.

Fortunately, it started raining pretty quickly, so I didn't have to worry about the wet heat for too long.

Yesterday we went to the naval air museum and engaged in what I can only describe as playing in cockpits (what? The other kids did it first!) and egging Isaac on while Josh got him to aim a giant gun of sone sort or other. We then climbed 177 stairs to the top of the tallest lighthouse along the Gulf Coast, where we discovered we were 50 yards from the beach, where Isaac and Mark "accidentally" tripped into the water and got totally wet.

And then we went to Alabama, just 'cause, you know, it was there and we had a car.

Today is beach day!

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