Monday, June 11, 2012

Lustige Montag

I'm doing these online German courses so I can have what I hope will be a conversational grasp on the language when I arrive there (in three months!) I look up a word to make sure I know what it means.

The word is kommen. The online dictionary gives me the definition I thought — to come — and then gives me another definition — to come, if you know what I mean.*

Maybe this is ethnocentric, since clearly English doesn't, but I feel like there should be a different word for this.

This wasn't all the excitement for my morning, though. My car's been moaning and groaning a bit lately, so I took it into the shop and explained the problem. The mechanic then hopped into my passenger seat and we went for a drive. Guess how many times my car made the offending noise?

Yup. It was silent. In fact, I'm not sure my engine has ever sounded that good. This is the kind of thanks I get for mid-grade fuel and frequent oil changes? Betrayal at the mechanic's?

However, when I casually mentioned I needed my brake pads replaced the guy looked at me and said, "Well, that could be it." 

*As in, to reach orgasm.

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