Friday, May 4, 2012

I'd rather be in Philadelphia

I'm at work on a Friday night, with all of the stories finally read, everything scheduled, tasks done, waiting for the last assignment of the night — and while I'm passively online, some guy chatted me. I watched with a little bit of trepidation to see if 'DULTG'G was going to pop up.

He didn't. Some stranger was on the other end. It's now been 20 minutes and we've discussed feminism, hiking, family history and the Inquisition. He's a liberal.

He grew up wanting to be Sherlock Holmes. Instead of inviting me to randomly make out with him, he said I can move in and be his housekeeper a la Sherlock Holmes and invited me to be his German lover. I have a feeling our conversations, while not exactly in a straight line, would be interesting.

Also, he lives in Philadelphia. Do you think I could be a Muppet and travel by map? Not because I think this is love, but because I'd like to go on a date with someone with whom I actually have something in common, and I'm no longer sure there are any of those in Utah.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Too bad he's so far away. And it's so refreshing that you chatted with someone who sounds intelligent