Monday, May 28, 2012

Good day

The women in my ward have started a 10-day positive body image challenge called Recapturing Beauty. We're supposed to do something each day and then write in our journal about how it made us feel. (It only sounds cheesy because of my description.)

I'm game for all of it with one exception: I could write in my journal, which will be read by my theoretical children when I theoretically die, and they will very untheoretically be bored pretty early on. The only thing that might save me is the mission journal that details how I tried to run away on the the night the seventh Harry Potter book came about.

Or, I could blog about it, and instead of boring offspring in some distant future, I could bore you with my thoughts today! Let's do it.

Day one: body kindness.

I actually started this the day before when I made my body strawberry banana bread:

God bless my mother for teaching me how to cook and my father for instilling in me the importance of dessert. His journals are interesting.

Anyway, body kindess was focused on yoga and meditation. I did a little stretching and calisthenics, but I must be honest: my body does not like yoga. So instead my body and I went hiking with Sam. We spent a couple of hours doing what I like to call the muddy trail dance -- slipping, sliding, squealing, stopping with arms thrown out like the world's worst ballerina. It was a beautiful day. You know, except for the snow, which I might add was fresh. Came down last night.

We went to the Nebo loop and went to Devil's Kitchen (prettier, less delicious than my kitchen), then started up the trail to the Mt. Nebo summit. We were under no delusions of summiting the tallest peak along the Wasatch; but we got a couple of miles in.

I continued body kindess with a nap and caramel corn, then practiced a little soul kindness and deleted my online dating account. When asked why, I made sure to pick other so I could explain to the people who run that thing that based on my experience it is full sex-crazed creepers who think women are inferior.

Good day.

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