Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I don't understand

I hope to never blog about this guy again.

But I just cannot let this go without a little bit of eruption.

Yes, folks, 'DULTG'G thought the seventh time of "hey how ru" was the charm! And then, when I passed on the urge to make more snarky, mean and sometimes rude comments just for the sake of shaming him and I just closed the chat box, he waited 20 minutes and tried for round 8: "?"

I closed that box before the words had time to travel from my head to my fingers.

My mom last night proffered the theory that he is a really slow learner. And creepy.

A Facebook friend, after yesterday's post, suggested that the next time he asked "do u like tall guys," I should respond, "I should. I used to be one." Which, admit it, would have been absolutely awesome — wasted on the idiot at the other end, but awesome.

But — seriously? Is he deranged? Does he think I'm flirting with him? (Oh, no, what if he thinks I'm flirting with him? I'm completely nauseated by that.) Does he honestly have no idea that he has virtu-chatted me up the same number of times as an octopus has legs? What is wrong with this guy? Most of the time men pick up on hints that I don't even realize I'm sending. How is he not picking up on these boulder-sized messages?

If I am somehow missing the mark and someone else knows how to get the point across to 'DULTG'G, please, put me out of my misery.

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