Friday, April 6, 2012

I am Supergirl

Well, not quite, but I do have a superpower: I can alter the newspaper's circulation with only my words.

Eat your heart out, Wonder Woman.

I read an email today regarding my latest column. In it, this subscriber told my boss that he was prepared to cancel his subscriptions (2!) as long as my offensive opinions continue to appear on the opinions page. He does not want his family force-fed such garbage as an idea with which he disagrees.

Other comments echo his sentiments. Not all, certainly; in fact, the highlight of every Thursday is when I get online prepared to be beaten down and find that somebody is defending me (others are beating me down, of course). 

The hard part, though, isn't the beating. I know people disagree with me. I know that as long as I'm in Utah County, every time I open my mouth 95 percent of people around me disagree with me. I don't even like the right football team. And I'm fine with that. I get that people disagree.

But what makes me so sad is that he and others are unwilling to recognize that people don't agree with him. That they think I'm wrong and even immoral. That my thoughts are dangerous to them.

Letters like this cause me to step back and wonder how close-minded I am. I try not to be, but there certainly have been instances in which I refused to consider that others could be right or that I could be wrong. (I'm not just talking about soccer and how it's obviously the best sport either. There have been other times.)

Anyway. My No. 1 fan is waiting to hear if the newspaper is going to shut me down; he feels that since the majority of Utah County is conservative, only conservative ideas should be presented in its newspaper. We may lose two subscriptions this weekend. One day, I suppose, this man could win. It's not going to be today, and I don't think it's incredibly likely, but it is possible.

And if that happens then I'll have to take my super self somewhere else. Maybe next time I'll pick somewhere where I'm not fighting all the time.

OK, so it's not quite as cool as Wonder Woman. Maybe if I had the sequins ...


  1. You know, he moved his family from liberal Salt Lake City just so his children would one day know a society where they are not bombarded by differing viewpoints. Now he'll have to uproot them again and move to a cave.

  2. This person will certainly be uncomfortable living in the presence of God, which I am sure he is anticipating. Free agency is an eternal principal, consensus is good on matters of leadership, but certainly we carry our personalities with us and that means we are going to be different. I may not agree with everything you say or do, but I think we have had some marvellous discussions in the office Heidi and as for the emails. . . hit the delete button!