Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Half marathon countdown: 4 days.

I stopped eating dessert four days ago and have a container of soup in my fridge that is pretty much all protein. I'm drinking water as if my body can store my year's supply of the stuff. I'm weighing the kind of fuel I want — energy beans? Caffeinated gummy bars? Do I wear the fuel belt or depend on the stops along the side?

I did my last long run this morning. Workouts the next couple of days will consist of light cardio and reasonable but not too intense weight training (i.e. hurts while it's going on, doesn't hurt two or 24 hours later). Neosporin is my friend.

Today I created 13, the playlist that will keep me going. It includes mostly fast-tempo songs, a mix of country, rock, pop and random other things. The Eagles, Black Sabbath, the Backstreet Boys, the Pussycat Dolls, Miranda Lambert and Nickelback all make an appearance. At an average of four minutes a song, that'll keep me going for 136 minutes, which should be about how much time I need.

Rachel has a post-race protein fest planned (peanut butter pancakes) and is working on signs. Her best idea thus far: "If this were easy, it would be called your mom."

She's too nice to put that down, but it's really funny. Other possibilities:
  • The zombies are gaining on you!!!!!
  • They say running clears your mind. I think you've run too far.
  • Run like you're on a safari gone haywire. 
  • Run like Death is behind you ... or depending how bad you're hurting, in front of you.
  • There's cake at the finish line for the first 100 finishers — and you're 101. Passing lane!
  • Guys dig fast chicks.
  • If you can read this — run faster!
  • Running is like a big orgy — everyone scores.
Post-race soundtrack will include: "Broken," "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing," "Never Again, " "I'm Sexy and I Know It" and "Sleep."

I'm pretty sure Rachel already has ideas, but I'd love for more running signs. Ideas?

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