Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Appalachian experience

I missed my nephew's first steps, first words and first day of school. But Doofenschmirtz it if I didn't make it for his first ER visit.

But seriously, black eye, swollen face, possible concussion and fears of a broken cheekbone aside, what we actually got out of this is a preview of Isaac's life as a linebacker. Judging by the way he threw his bigger and older brother to the ground in less than a second, he's going to make a pretty good one.

 Little boys make a lot of noise trying to be very quiet.

When children in certain medical situations (not Isaac's) go to the ER in West Virginia, the admitting nurse is required to ask if the husband and wife are related. As in, by blood. As in, their answer to "how did you two meet?" could be "at the family reunion."
 *collective shudder*

I had $30 million on my Monopoly debit card when I won the other night. (Railroad monopoly.) I make note of it because, well, I'm a journalist. Fill in the blank.

Large, muddy, slow-moving rivers feel like they're hiding something.
I missed my nephews about a minute after I got to the airport.

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