Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writer's block

I am having the hardest time writing of late.

This may be obvious from the paucity of blog posts of late, but I just can't think of anything to say. This also is true in my most recent professional endeavor, a raging Communist column in the Thursday edition of the Daily Herald.

Writing columns is harder than I remember it being in college, largely, I suspect, because in college I could write about whatever I wanted — soccer, classes, Jesus, my family, any sort of issue the world round, love — so if one topic struck out, I could dig into my treasure trove of random thoughts and spit something out.

But I'm at a professional newspaper now, and I'm thinking asking a guy out in my Valentines column isn't the direction my editor had in mind.

No, what I'm supposed to be providing is witty, intelligent commentary aimed at enraging the "right" wing that makes up the supermajority of Utah County. Short of getting the building surrounded by pitchfork-wielding crowds, I'll settle for getting people to think about why they look at issues the way they do.

I've now started half a dozen columns on wildly different subjects. I can't seem to settle on one that I like — ideas or columns. I want to wave the feminist flag, but with the Utah Legislature in session there is so much fodder. I want to argue about personhood, payday loans and how the Republicans are like the Costa Concordia — sacrificing the big picture out of machismo. But none of it sounds funny, it just sounds whiny. (Actually, that last one does sound funny. Maybe I'll try to write it.) And I don't know what people will be talking about in a week, the next time my column runs. Any of these issues that I read about today could have been completely displaced in a week.

Well, at least I got a blog post out. If nothing else works, expect to see this in next Thursday's edition.

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  1. I think you should go back to asking dates out in your column. It was such a hit last time!