Friday, February 24, 2012

Vindication + details

The Michigan winters aren't enough to dampen my enthusiasm. At least not yet.

Anyway, the skinny on my potential future as a Wolverine. Or something else. I am considering going to law school in the fall and have been working on little else since August. I studied like mad for the LSAT, I stressed out (and made others stress out) about my essays and letters of recommendation and I check my mail and email prolifically.

In December, I found out I was accepted to William and Mary. This is one of my top choices and a good option for me given my focus (First Amendment/free speech and press law with a side of anti-death penalty litigation). I was (am) excited, but my test score and GPA were square with their averages, so it wasn't a huge surprise. All of the other schools I applied for were kind of out of my league, LSAT score-wise.

Then I waited and waited and waited. Until last week.

After I got a "thanks, but no thanks" from UT and a "maybe; we'll see what our first-choicers do" from UCLA and Northwestern, I worried that I wasn't as good a candidate as I'd thought, and while William and Mary is a good choice, I wanted it to be a choice -- not my only option. Half of the schools I applied to are ranked higher than Texas, and if the Longhorns didn't want me, why would the schools that were even more prestigious?

Michigan Law, by the by, is ranked seventh in the nation. It and the University of Pennsylvania are the highest-ranked schools to which I applied. It was well deserving of the exclamation mark.

I don't know, though, that I'll be a Wolverine. Or a member of the W&M Tribe. I haven't heard back from Virginia (No. 9), which actually has a First Amendment Law program, or Penn, which is in the Ivy League, or USC (insert condom joke here).

Or I may not go at all. Journalism has always been what I come back to, even when I'm actively trying to get away from it. Plus, I've never been one for suits. Or protocol. Or six-figure debt.

I've tried making up my mind, but it doesn't work. The two sides of my mind are like two tectonic plates abutting each other, pushing, shoving and jockeying for position. Frequently the earthquake that results surprises even me, who theoretically is in charge of this madness.

 So I'm just going to wait for a bit and see just what comes out on top. Possibly more exclamation marks are forthcoming.

I must admit, though, I'm curious to see if living in humidity could do something for my hair. Maybe the desert air is the reason it's always dead flat.

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