Sunday, February 26, 2012

Second base

I'm happy to report that I have gone way up in the male estimation of late. Maybe it really is the quality of men that's the problem.

Take this, for example -- two of the cutest boys I've ever seen argued about who got to sit by me at a restaurant yesterday. They both love it when I tell them I want a hug and a kiss, and they have no problem crawling into bed with me.

They're smart; one of them got past a level of Angry Birds in five minutes that I've been stuck on for months. They really like to talk, but they also ask lots of questions. And they think everything I say is hilarious. It's great for a girl's ego.

Every girl should have nephews.

However, while they are a little young and a lot related, there's also been some interest from a couple of other males. I took a nap with one. He's a little needy, though. His brother - big, dark and scarred - is more aloof, but I won him over with some one-on-one time. Granted, he doesn't say much and his nose ended up in my crotch, but hey, no one's perfect. At least he's into more than my legs.

Greetings from West Virginia!

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