Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Revisiting resolutions

Last year I waxed a little philosophical and made a bunch of New Year's resolutions. Some remained close to my mind. Some I completely forgot about until two minutes ago when I found the post and copied it here. Guess which ones I did not keep?

1. Make a gingerbread house. Here's the thing. I really didn't feel like it when Christmas actually came around because it's a lot of work and it's really expensive. Not keeping a resolution that will add calories and subtract dollars that I don't even want to do doesn't count as failure in my book.
2. Ignore Sarah Palin. Done and done. And you know what? My year was better. This has become my way of life.
3. Make a conscious effort next Christmas to be at least 25% Cindy Lou Who instead of 100% Grinch. My family would probably disagree, but I was at least a little better than last year. Good enough for me.
4. Lose 5% of my body weight by mid-March so I can a) get extra points from my insurance company that somehow translate into money, and b) reward myself. Not even close. I haven't found it in me to be all depressed about this failure either.
5. Buy this dress from JenClothing. Did not do.
6. Kiss passionately. My mom reads this blog.
7. Learn to trust. Um, yeah. It's only been a year. This was probably asking a little too much.
8. Invite someone to church with me. No. Sorry, Sister Toth.
9. Start saving money for a house/4WD vehicle/trip to Brazil for World Cup 2014. Not exactly, but I paid off two loans much earlier than they were supposed to be paid, so I felt pretty good about that. I'm now debt free.
10. Scoop the Salt Lake Tribune. Can you hear that? You know, that sound in the background. That's my awesomeness attesting that yes, I scooped the Tribune.
11. Figure out how to do supercool things with my future iPhone. I can take pictures. Sometimes I even do it accidentally. Does that count?
12. Play a rockin' drum solo. Well, not so much.
13. Serve frequently and with a glad heart. C
14. Do things that make me uncomfortable. Online dating much? Yes, I can quite comfortably say I did this.
15. Smile more. I think it's possible that my grouchy face is actually my happy face.

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