Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The best offense is a good defense

I loved the national championship game last night.

I realize I'm in the minority here, but I didn't realize how much until I got onto Facebook and read all the #mostboringgameever comments. These are the same people who thought the first LSU-Bama shootout was boring. These are also the same people who think soccer is boring.

Because of the risk of being compared to a Ron Paul fan, I tried not to immediately assume these people are all touched in the head and that's why the don't appreciate good sport. This gave me time to come up with an alternative as to why I seem to be watching different games than the other people watching the same game.

Theorized train of thought: If no one is scoring, nothing is happening.

(As a side note, this also explains why people like basketball.)

This mental outlook is why, through 90 minutes of soccer when the ball is in play for almost every single second, these people think nothing is happening. And how, in a football game full of ironclad defenses (five first downs, people! Did you not see what Alabama did to LSU? It's not like LSU's offense just rolled over -- not in the first half, anyway) people can go on to something more exciting. Seriously? That defensive line was a wall. Maybe it's not as sexy as watching a tight end somehow skirt three defenders and dance into the end zone, but the defense last night was a work of art. I dare anyone to challenge me.

And A.J. McCarron — wow. Andrew Luck he was not, but he was collected and intelligent and made good moves to get his team into a position to score. You could see Saban's near-flawless strategy in marching his team down the field — when he played it safe, when he took a risk, when McCarron had to act on the fly. They had one penalty the whole night. If there was a "perfect" game, Alabama played it.

Yeah, it's fun to watch someone sprinting for the end zone with defenders in tow, but that's not all that football is. And I'm the loudest person in the room when a forward goes one on one with a goalie and finds the back of the net. And winning is about my favorite thing ever. But please, let's not confuse a high score with a good game.

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