Saturday, December 10, 2011

BCS math

Earlier this week a coworker and I got into a somewhat heated discussion regarding the national championship game.

He adamantly did not want an LSA-'Bama rematch and didn't think Alabama deserved to be in it. I would have preferred OSU getting the nod over the Crimson Tide, but I also couldn't argue with the reasoning that got them there. They'd played difficult teams and won. Their one loss, in overtime, was to LSU. Oklahoma State's one loss was to unranked Iowa State.

Then he asked why we were using a team's losses to weigh a team instead of their wins. It's an excellent question. Let's look at Alabama's wins.

Wins of basically no worth: Kent State, North Texas, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Georgia Southern

Wins of some value: at No. 23 Penn State, 27-11; No. 14 Arkansas 38-14, at No. 12 Florida 38-10; at unranked but rival Auburn 42-14.

Loss: 9-6 at home to No. 1 LSU

At the end of the season, Penn State was ranked 22nd, Arkansas at No. 6 and Auburn was 25. Bama beat three ranked teams, albeit fairly decisively.

Now, on to Oklahoma State.

Wins of no value: Louisiana, Arizona, Tulsa, Kansas, Missouri, Texas Tech (sob!)

Wins of some value: at No. 8 Texas A&M 30-29; at No. 22 Texas 38-26, unranked that week Baylor 59-24, No. 17 Kansas State 52-45, No. 13 Oklahoma 44-10.

Loss: Iowa State, double overtime, 37-31

At the end of the year, K-State was ranked 8th, Baylor 12, Oklahoma 14 and Texas 24. They beat four ranked teams, including one top 10 team. More of their opponents were ranked at the end.

I'm not saying Alabama doesn't deserve to be where it is, but I am saying that Oklahoma State deserves it too. We don't need an entire playoff, but how about we pit the Crimson Tide against the Cowboys and let them shoot it out for the chance to face New Orleans next month?


  1. My feeling on it is that OSU is ranked #3. It SHOULD be able to beat all those teams. And it SHOULD be able to beat Iowa State. Likewise, Alabama should have been able to beat all those teams, except LSU (which they obviously did not).
    Of course, I want to see an LSU-Alabama rematch, so I'm probably a wee bit biased :)

  2. OSU, however, was not ranked No. 3 when it beat all of those teams. That was just the last few weeks of the season.