Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Suggested sacrament meeting topic

The awesome thing about the LDS Church is that we all get to participate -- teaching, speaking, planning, spouting off frequently irrelevant stories in Sunday School -- you name it, the layfolks do it. Occasionally when asked to speak in sacrament meeting, the main meeting of the day, the person in charge won't assign a topic but instead will tell said speaker to speak on the topic of his or her choice.

The next time this happens to me, the following excerpt from "Daughters in My Kingdom," a book about Relief Society, will be the thesis of my talk:

"Do not permit (the children) to imbibe the spirit of intolerance or hatred to any nation or to any people; keep firearms out of their hands; do not allow them to find amusement in imitating death in battle."

I'd say it's at least as relevant today as it was in 1914.

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