Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ode to a pirate

Let me be straight here: I want Tommy Tuberville to succeed. Badly. His success means Texas Tech wins, and I am all for that.

I have no ill will toward him. It's not Tuberville's fault that Tech administrators had it out for his predecessor and that Craig James is, to quote my illuminatingly descriptive brother, a d-bag.

But wow, do I miss Mike Leach right now. Tuberville keeps making these inexplicable calls, like running when we're at third and 22. I don't have exact numbers, but I'm thinking our success rate on the long run plays is something like one in 100.

Why do we keep making dumb errors? Aggressive fouls, fine, whatever. But the O-line keeps jumping the gun. It's like they've never played at this level. And what's with running the clock out too far? It's happened once already this game, but happened two or three times against OU. They keep making these junior-high mistakes.

And why aren't these boys more afraid? While we lost some games we shouldn't have under Mike Leach, we never lost by five touchdowns to Iowa State while playing at home. Know why? 'Cause those players were afraid of Mike Leach. A little fear is a healthy motivator. Stick 'em all in a storage shed and let them think about how they're going to beat Texas.

Hit, guys. Hard. Like you mean it. Your mother's play nice rule does not apply on this playground.

But! And it's a big but. We're only midway through the second quarter, and it's possible that the team that walked over Oklahoma is hidden somewhere on that field. I picked Texas Tech to win in my pool this week, and I'll pick them next week and the week after and every week forever.

But Monday sure is a lot more fun after an awesome win.

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