Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My life outside the law

I committed a misdemeanor today.

The sad thing was, I didn't even get the rush of feeling like I was breaking the law, since I had no idea until the reporter who aided and abetted in my lawbreaking (he actually started it) told me the lieutenant governor's office called him and politely told him that announcing recount election results before they had been completed was a no-no.

So, I rewrote the story, he deleted the tweet, we both rolled our eyes at stupid policies (it's a public meeting, we have free speech — I'm thinking there could possibly be something actionable there if we cared — which we don't) and we were back in the law's good graces.

It was a reckless half hour as a criminal, though. and I'm going to go ahead and stay mum on that other law, which is most definitely not a misdemeanor, that I violate every single day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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