Friday, November 25, 2011

Executive decision No. 1

Here's the deal. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. The food is the best, the weather is usually fairly good (last year notwithstanding), football is on, there are always leftovers, it's a lot more chill than other holidays, there haven't been turkeys in the store since September, I can't think of a single annoying tradition -- you get the idea. It's the perfect holiday.

So it's extremely bothersome that Thanksgiving gets only one day. And it doesn't even really get that. I offer the following evidence as to the intrusion of that other holiday into mine:
1. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was full of Christmas music and green and red dancers.
2. All of the commercials were about Christmas shopping or somehow Christmas-related.
3. Stores are now opening on Black Thursday night. Thanksgiving is not about Christmas, people!

Now, I don't like Christmas anyway. (Not because I have anything against the birth of Jesus Christ, but because Christmas ceased to be about remembering the Savior right about the time a flat-screen TV became more important than helping somebody up who'd been knocked to the ground by other crazed shoppers.) But still, I feel like my favorite holiday is getting gipped.

Thus, I am officially rebelling. There will be no Christmas music and I'm not decorating until I am ready for it to be the Christmas season. And I'm going to keep making Thanksgiving food until I'm good and sick of it. (Which may be Thanksgiving in 2057.)

My first act of rebellion: making sweet potato casserole ice cream. I'm thinking it's going to be freaking amazing.

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