Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blunt force trauma

I had a mission companion who termed it "good at dropping people."

After telling a source we weren't doing a story on her event, a coworker called it "harsh," but quickly followed that up with "necessary" and "true" and "she kind of set herself up for it with the phone call."

An ex-boyfriend calls it the "need to be more diplomatic."

When my Sunday School teacher caught me and two friends ditching her class when I was 14 and I told her it was because her class was boring, she called it unacceptable.

I called it honest.

My mom called it rude.

My dad called it "speaking before I think." And suggested I try out its cousin: Thinking before I speak. And then probably not speaking in some of these cases.

What I'm going for here is, I think there's a slight possibility that I'm a bit on the so-brutally-honest-that-I'm-actually-shooting-myself-in-the-foot plan. (In case, you're wondering, no, this is not how you make friends and influence people.) If anyone is aware of a 12-step plan for this particular malady, please send it my way.

Or, if you've just got a filter I can install between my brain and mouth, I'll take that too. The one I have ain't workin'.

But I stand by the boring Sunday School comment.


  1. I don't see why it's so bad that you're blunt. SOMEONE has to say these things, and most of us are too scared. If that comes naturally to you then hallelujah because now none of us have to do it.

  2. I agree with the first response. Necessary, true and they asked for it.

  3. *waves a filter* I've got that one! Its rather hard to install, but you can have a go at it.