Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guns up

It's a few minutes into the fourth quarter of the Tech-OU game in Norman, and with the exception of a few minutes in the first quarter, Tech has been winning the entire time. OU's coming back, and they may win it after all. But it's been a fun night.

I'm trying to reduce my blood pressure by blogging, but my sports-induced ADD isn't going to allow for anything too coherent. Here goes.

I've made my peace with Adam James. You may remember him; he was the third-string whiner who was responsible for the firing of Mike Leach. He's now first string and catches the ball fairly regularly. My routine for the first couple of times was cheering when the Red Raider caught the ball, then the ESPN guy saying, "And that's Adam James with the catch," followed by hissing from me. It's kind of made me a bipolar football watcher.

However, tonight he's making some big plays. If I met him on the street, I'd probably hiss at him. If I was on the sidelines after he caught the ball, I'd kiss him. You just have to put things aside when a win is on the line.

The difficulty with chatting online is that I am horribly judgmental about poor grammar. I'm not talking not capitalizing or using punctuation or replacing you with u. (Actually, I do judge that. It's one thing in a text or a tweet or if you're taking notes with a fast talker and need to save time. This is none of those things.)

I'm talking actual bad grammar -- wrong tenses, mismatching nouns and verbs. It hurts.

And then of course is the ubiquitious conversation that's so popular: "hi." I've debated not responding to those. Tonight I just replied with the same. But it's OK, because he jumped from "hi" to "I'm looking for a date (possibly tonight, I'm not totally sure)" and "tell me all about your plans for the future."

Score!!!! Up by 17 with less than eight minutes to go. Still too early to take the pressure off, but it's a lot harder to come back from a two and a half touchdown deficit without very much time.

I know you're still single, dude. That's why you're on the website. I don't find it attractive when you point it out.

I love when the cameras show parents of the players who have done something awesome. I just watched the receiver's dad high-five the quarterback's dad. By the way, have I mentioned we're not even ranked? And that Oklahoma has a 39-game home winning streak?

I should get my LSAT scores this week. I've settled into looking at schools and even starting the application process. I've written one personal statement and fixed my resume, including looking for all the awards I've won in my life. I wish I could include high school, but that seems way removed. Besides, the people at top-ranked law schools probably won't be that impressed that I was captain of my soccer team 12 years ago. My goal is to finish applying by Dec. 1. My more realistic goal is to finish applying by the end of the year.

Shoot, they scored. Only a 10-point lead.

Today is the first weekend of hunting season in Utah. (Maybe everywhere. I don't know the rules.) I went trail running today; my running partner assured me we were low enough in the mountains to be OK. Imagine my delight when we reach the halfway mark and I hear a gunshot. He was quick to assure me that it was a shooting range, not some deer meeting its maker.

However, on my way back, I passed a large group of men wearing camoflage and carrying guns. I wondered if I was going to be mistaken for a bright purple stag. I wasn't, fortunately, but it gave me one more reason to dislike hunting.

All right, six minutes left. It's time to focus all my energy on my team getting into the end zone.

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  1. James is really annoyed by people using text talk in non-text places too, especially professionally.