Friday, October 28, 2011

Critical thinking skills

I'm not supposed to have any 'cause I'm Mormon, so says a deep critical thinker who trolls the Tribune website and either starts or contributes to ridiculous fights with other highly intellectual anonymous beings.

At issue today is this gem: An LDS trunk or treat flier specifying that people not cross dress in their costume choices. Because this is Utah and the Trib occasionally likes those fun Mormon stories, it went up. I read it six hours ago and it had 10 comments. Now it was 1,010. Busy day.

I have three thoughts on it, and then I'm putting it out of my life.
1. There is nothing evil about a girl dressing as a boy or a boy dressing as a girl.
2. It's a private party on private property. They can make the rules. For the non-Mormon who has offended by it, OK. Don't go. It really is that simple. This isn't a matter of the oh-so-popular Utah refrain "If you don't like it, you can leave." This is a matter of not going to a party that you don't want to attend for whatever reason.
3. The entity I'm most ashamed of here is the Tribune. This didn't go up because it's quality news. It went up because it drives controversy -- not discussion or thinking, just mindless arguing.

I lied. I have a fourth thought, but that's more about the commenter.
4. According to the people who write the LSAT, I'm in the 90th percentile for critical thinking. Blanket statements like "Mormons don't think for themselves" actually make you the non-critical thinker.

5. And the most important.
I know I shouldn't read newspaper websites. I just can't stop myself.

Yes, I received my LSAT score: 164. That's lower than I wanted. I was disappointed when I opened the email, but enough people thought that was ridiculous that I stopped with that. It's good enough to get me where I need to go, and I'm happy.

As for where that is -- check in a few weeks. Now comes the super exciting process of personal statements, letters of recommendations and obscene application fees.

Also, and this is totally out of left field, but I've been thinking about an issue for several days, and I wanted to make mention of it.

The World Series ends tonight.

Ha! Just kidding. I mean, it does end tonight, but I have not been thinking about it because I don't care. The only time I even know it's World Series time is when I turn on the news and there's baseball instead.

For real now: Dr. Conrad Murray. He is the doctor on trial for the death of Michael Jackson. I have followed his case a little bit, though not on a regular basis. I have been a little disturbed by the protesters outside the courtroom demanding blood. I heard a commentator say this morning that MJ staying alive was in Dr. Murray's best interests, since he was grossing $150,000 a month to treat the star. Also that, for all MJ's family sits on the front row and acts sad, none of them took him in for treatment or helped him.

Here's my thought. Michael Jackson was not in good health. He'd put his body through a lot in his 50 years. He was addicted to narcotics and didn't take care of himself. He'd jumped from some sort of reclusion into a ridiculously taxing concert schedule. Finding a scapegoat doesn't take away the tragedy of his death.


  1. Congratulations! Why don't you tell the law schools you got a 146, though, so you never leave :)

  2. Awww. My Mugatu costume couldn't go to their party!