Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You know you're an adult when ...

  • You can talk about the state of your nipples in regard to breastfeeding and not. Even. Care.
  • You can use the proper terminology for reproductive anatomy without blushing.
  • You know the proper terminology for reproductive anatomy.
  • You don't care if the checker, the bagger or the guy behind you in line sees you buying tampons.
  • You check your bank account before going shopping.
  • You go anyway, use your credit card and blame it on a bad day.
  • Your toys get disproportionately larger (a 4-wheel drive truck) and smaller (smart phones and jewelry).
  • You pull into visitor parking at the local university and they don't even ask if you're a student.
  • Your cereal is various shades of brown, with a few berries thrown in for a good time.
  • You stop referring to Sunday through Thursday as school nights.
  • You haven't used the term "summer vacation" in years.
  • R-rated movies seem just as uninteresting as all the rest.
  • Going out has less appeal than staying in.
  • You've thought about pounding on your ceiling to get your upstairs neighbor to shut up.

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