Monday, August 8, 2011

Unlikely bedfellows

The National Organization for Women has called Newsweek out for being sexist -- toward Michelle Bachmann.
According to this article, the organization claims that the up close and personal shot of Bachmann with the headline "The Queen of Rage" would never be done to a man, particularly not to one who's a serious presidential contender. They argue that a legitimate news magazine is trying to cast Bachmann as a not job.
First, all sexism aside, if the tin foil hat fits, then ...
But, in all seriousness, I would not call her a serious presidential contender. I of course am not Republican and am definitely not a tea partier; I am a feminist but have long since learned that as long as there's more than one woman on the planet, there's more than one type of feminism.
I can't argue the actual claim of sexism. I suspect that Newsweek would run much more derogatory statement about Rush Limbaugh. However, I will also say that most news mags probably aren't looking for shots of Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty looking undeniably odd. And she, undeniably, is.
Also, I want so much to vote for a woman for president. But thus far, I can't.

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