Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My head. Is going. To explode!!!!

Utah wants to eliminate even the very sight of beer from impressionable eyes.
And we wonder why people outside of this state don't take us seriously.
According to the Tribune, a couple of bills put forward somehow require restaurants to put a partition between customers and beer being poured or opened. I think there's already such a partition required for other alcoholic beverages in newer restaurants.
I have to wonder what this is meant to accomplish. Will people drink less if the beer isn't opened at the table? Will bar owners shut down because that's less of a hassle than putting up a "Zion curtain," thus eliminating this supposed improvement entirely? Are these actually the pressing issues that state legislators think are hindering Utah from becoming a more welcoming, diverse, profitable state?
And, since somehow this is going to come back to the Mormons (OK, it's not much of a leap), is this really how you think God intended you to live your religion? By banishing the symbols of all things with which you disagree? Do you still have that TV hanging around, that box of evil that has commercials that not only show beer but hard liquor, usually in the hands of some scantily clad individual? Do you really think that hiding something is a solution?
If a child is corrupted by seeing a beer opened, his or her parents have done something hideously wrong. If a child doesn't realize that not everybody thinks like him, you have done that child a serious disservice that he'll be struggling to overcome for the rest of his life.
I don't drink alcohol. I'll admit that I wish other people didn't as well; it's bad for your health, it leads people to do bad things that they otherwise wouldn't, and yes, drinking and driving is a very real problem. Plus, beer just stinks.
But — and it's a very, very, Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back" big — but, if someone wants to walk into a restaurant and order a beer, whatever. No skin off my back. If someone I'm eating dinner with asks for a glass from the tap, I don't care if I see it being poured. This is ridiculous. The state should address the responsibility of drinking, not the morality of it.

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