Friday, July 8, 2011

Stupid questions

Sometimes you've just gotta suck it up and ask 'em.

I did that earlier today. I used my phone in an utterly normal way. Five minutes later, I pick it up to do some other absolutely unexciting task. It doesn't turn on. No amount of pushing or holding either button down will turn the phone back on.

I took it out to my car, turned the car on and plugged the phone into the charger. Still nothing.

I finally (after 20 minutes) gave up and went to the store. I prefaced my comment with, "I'm hoping this is a really stupid question, but ..."

Turns out I was right. iPhones sometimes need to be rebooted; you hold both buttons down until something happens. I spent less time in the store than I had walking from my car to the store.

Lesson learned: Sometimes not asking the stupid questions is even stupider.
Also, the Mac commercials lied. Sometimes the i-technology freezes too. I feel betrayed by Justin Long.

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