Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The whole package

First, what good would any blog be right now that didn't make some Wiener jokes? The guy was already a walking punch line with that name, but his method of erecting fame sure did make the jokes easier.
I told another reporter to ask our esteemed rep. if he would like to make a brief comment. Reporter was too professional, but esteemed rep. said it was terrible to see this guy go down in a ball of flames.
I mean, sometimes you've just got to get it up and make a point. At least Wiener is rising to the occasion.

Speaking of wieners who should think before they speak -- and then hopefully not speak -- is this guy: the CEO of GM. You know what he thinks would be awesome? An additional $1 gas tax. Know why? Because then we'd all buy better cars -- his cars.
Know what I think? If you accept money from the government to "save" your dying company, which, by the way, I was more than willing to wave goodbye to, you do not get to advocate tax hikes. In fact, you probably shouldn't have any conversations that have to do with finances, because your financial sense is lacking. Just sit the hell down, my good sir, and quit trying to force me into buying your cars and acting like it's what good Americans do.

I have to hope that Congress will ignore this idiot. I hope that not because I have much faith in Congress, but because they're busy with something else somewhat idiotic -- trashing my 401(k).
OK, to be fair, this isn't my 401(k); I'll never make enough money to put into it in one year to be affected by this discussion.
But let's look at the facts here:
Social Security is not going to be around when I (or a normal person in my generation) retires. It's just not. There is no possible way.
Ergo, I will be paying for my own retirement.
So shouldn't we be encouraging people to save for retirement? Isn't not saving for retirement what caused a lot of these financial crises in the first place? And, isn't double-taxing this income kind of unfair?

Speaking of unfair ... being accountable for your actions apparently is. There's this gem of an excuse: a 36-year-old man blames not going on a mission as the reason he's now a criminal. He got his girlfriend pregnant in high school, and he now carries around a lot of guilt. Or some utter BS. And here's why.
Dude, I'm thinkin' you didn't just slip and fall into her pants. Second, I doubt the reason you couldn't go on a mission had a lot less to do with that act and a lot more to do with the fact that you are a FATHER, with a child who needs you. You needed to work to support said child. The Church doesn't send dads on missions.
And finally, seriously? Grow up. Accept a little responsibility for your life. Lots of people mess up, even pretty seriously, as teenagers. Most do not then become lifetime criminals.

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