Thursday, June 2, 2011

Siren song

Is it weird that I am more likely to distrust men who call me beautiful than those who say nothing of the sort?

It's not that I think they're lying so much as I feel it's disingenuous.

First, some background. I'm reflecting on my online dating adventures. (Still hate myself sometimes while doing it, but that's life.)

Twice while chatting and once in a message, the man at the other end told me I was beautiful. It's sweet, yes, and definitely nice to hear, but there's just something a little ... off.. about it. It seems too quick. All they've seen are pictures. Is this just what they say to women? It feels less sincere. It could be the way it was delivered -- offhand, easy, familiar. Maybe they were trying too hard and it seemed a bit unnatural.

Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me that I have not quite squelched that believes that compliment is best delivered face to face, when I can tell that he actually means it. It could be the distrusting cynic that doesn't believe anything anyone tells me, especially over the Internet. Maybe it's the older and wiser me who think the quicker and easier something is, the less valued it is, and these times were definitely quick and appeared pretty easy.

Maybe it's just me? That could totally be it.

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