Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Friday and the office is freezing

My date last night gave me a book instead of chocolate.

He also awkwardly talked about what he's looking for in a wife and us holding hands. Seriously, people! This is why I'm scared of commitment. It's because people throw it at me like a freakin' grenade.

Today is National Doughnut Day. I did not go to Krispy Kreme to collect my free donut because I'm running a 10K tomorrow and need to be at the best possible game. I'm thinking not loading up with carbs and fat is going to help with that. That's also why I skipped out on the chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar -- that and I like to bask in the self-sacrificing glow of turning down yummy treats.

What's the right way to spell donut?

John Edwards is not feeling the love right about now. And won't be for a while. Guilty of a crime or not, this ain't good.

Newsroom conversations, no matter how they start out, almost always tend toward the mildly inappropriate if they go on long enough. I don't know. They just do.

I came in this morning and my earbuds were magnetically connected to my computer screen. I'd never thought of doing this. They will now always be stored that way.

I really feel like I should have more education than I do. Yet I am still not totally sold on law school. Still marching in that direction. We'll see.

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