Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Argh! And that is all

Once you finish college, the availability of eligible (single, reasonably normal, employed or working toward it, not insane) men decreases dramatically. When you move to Provo, Utah, it drops even more, since by 23 or 24, many men are already married. I've never checked ring fingers until I moved here, but you kinda have to.
I've been left largely with singles wards, which in my experience are chock full of men who are too young, uninterested in marriage (judging by their marital status) or uninterested in marriage to me.
Clubs are out, mostly because there aren't any but also because dancing and the like isn't my scene. All of the men I meet through my hobbies -- drum lessons, running group, etc. -- are married. Everyone I work with is married. I could ask friends for setups, but I'm just a little less than excited about that. It's a pride thing. Stupid, I know.
But I realized today that in the past several years, I've met a ton of interesting, attractive single men: men with careers, men who like sports, men who look good swinging a hammer, men who aren't afraid of me, men who know how to have a conversation, men who are passionate and intelligent and interesting.
Men who are my sources and who are, for the most part, off limits.
Dang it, journalism! I give you so much. Quit wrecking my life already!

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