Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Anyone else justify way overeating on junk food with the rationalization that at least it'll be gone so you can't eat too much of it tomorrow? No one? Just me, then? Super.
Speaking of leftover Easter candy (that I actually bought after Easter, so I'm not sure it counts as leftover), what will follow is a random collection of thoughts that really fit nowhere else.
  • I honestly think Kate Middleton and Prince William are one of the most beautiful couples I've ever seen. I hope their fairy tale works out.
  • I'm secretly a tiny bit jealous of her.
  • Someone has got to make the snow stop. It is sucking my will to live.
  • For the past week I've been a girl waiting by the phone for a boy to call. Except it's not for a date, it's for a job. My right brain is telling me the non-call or e-mail means he's not interested. My left brain remembers the time a former boss was super flaky but then it all worked out. My right brain responds that while I am exceptional, I am not the exception. Thank you, He's Just Not That Into You. Works with jobs as well as men.
  • I did a triathlon yesterday as a workout. It freaking rocked. I was afraid I'd be exhausted at the end, and I kind of was, but in a totally adrenaline-pounding awesome way.
  • Last month I met this guy at Institute. It was utterly unexpected (not that we met, but that he wasn't U-22 like all of the rest of men there.) He's my age. He has goals and career plans. He's tall. He gets up in the morning to run. I find him quite attractive. He's also moving to Texas for the summer. Awesome.
  • I'm learning to play "The Man Who Sold the World" on the drums.

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