Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who got thrown under the bus?

Thoughts on HB 477, the bill that takes Utah one step closer to becoming North Korea. Yes, I said that. And we wonder why other states don't take us seriously.
This, from Trib columnist Paul Rolly, who I normally despise but this time absolutely agree with. Read the comments. Some of them are quite insightful, particularly the one comparing the "logic" of passing this bill and THEN talking about it to Nancy Pelosi's argument to pass Obamacare and then determine its effects. Legislators, you are starting at the wrong end.
A concise letter to the editor, lamenting the fact that a young man's transgressions have become national news but the activities of the people we've elected to represent us need to be kept private.
The class of a few of the legislators (and that awesome white suit), who want public business to remain public.
This is what happens in a one-party state. Legislators, you may have no shame, but the rest of us are plenty ashamed of you. Now somebody have the balls to stand up and say this is wrong and it's not becoming law.

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