Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm proud to be an American

Points if you can find Rachel and me. :)

My first rally as a participant, not a reporter, made me want to keep going to them. Ever been? There's this energy that comes when a group of complete strangers comes together for a cause that means a lot to them. In this case, it was our right to know what our government is doing on our dime and our time.
But it also was more than that. It was a group of people who wanted to make the point that representative democracy means that our representatives represent us, that government should be focused on helping people, that bills that widened the gap between the people and their representatives meant bad governance.
This might not seem like a big deal, but in Utah it is. There aren't a lot of protests; the state is largely white, conservative and Mormon. None of those are bad things, but the two byproducts are that a lot of people think the same and thus have no reason to protest, and liberals are much more likely to protest. Most of the signs we see down here are condemning Mormons, which just isn't my thing.
But this -- this was freeing. And a little intoxicating. It's what democracy should look like, not occasionally but on a regular basis.
The sad thing is that it took a horrifyingly inappropriate bill to make it happen.
So congratulations, legislature. What you've done this session includes passing a bunch of bills that either do nothing, do something about a non-problem or do something about a problem that really isn't the state's problem to fix, pass a few bills that violates the rights of your constituents and created an angry mob whose mantra come the next election is going to be "Remember."


  1. I found us! But only b/c of my awesome orange sign :)

  2. I think a key point here is we are not a democracy rather a republic & we were created that way for a reason. Because mob rules in democracy because of the very reasons you described & our founding fathers were aware of this & protect us from it. Now as some of the points you mentioned yes they have trampled over some of our rights & as consti tuents its our job to replace those who represent us assuming we are part of the majority & if not then we need to bring to light their voting record & become part if the majority to vote in a representative with similar views.