Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The parable of the ostrich

There was an ostrich who didn't like what was going on all around him. It was too loud, too fast, too bright or too unfamiliar. It made him uncomfortable.
So he stuck his head in the sand. The stuff still went on and even still affected his life — actually, standing with his rear up and his head buried down made him even more uncomfortable — but he never had to directly confront the issues around him.
He never went anywhere or did anything. Meanwhile, the world around him just kept going. He changed nothing. If anything, his inaction made it worse.
Too often, people are like an ostrich; they don't like what's happening, so they ignore it. They don't like the facts, so they ignore them. They don't like what's coming, so they pretend it's not. Teens and sex? If we don't teach them about safe sex, they won't have sex at all. Your gay neighbor? Pretend homosexuality doesn't exist. Corrupt politicians? Not in my neck of woods; that only happens in Chicago and D.C.
The idea of "if I can't see you then you can't see me" is only cute with toddlers. With teens and adults, it's just sad.
Which leads me to my actual point: when community standards are actually detrimental.
A local radio station has edited, in a rather interesting fashion, a couple of songs lately. I fully support them bleeping out the f-bomb. I'm used to them xing out just about all the swear words except damn and hell. I've adjusted to the deleted references to drug use.
But really, completely eliminating this line —
"Let's go all the way tonight. No regrets, just love"?

It's excessive. It's in a song called "Teenage Dream," so maybe the radio station is worried about appearing to endorse teenage sex, even though it plays plenty of songs that appear to endorse teenage sex, adult sex, extramarital sex, premarital sex and probably, if you listen really closely to some of the song choices, homosexual sex. Hello, we're talking about radio here. Most songs are about sex.
So, according to this community vague references to sex are inappropriate.
The other one I noticed bothered me even more. This line:
"Just prayin' to a god that I don't believe in"

Really? Our community standards will not accept that some people don't believe in God? Really?
What about that little clause about freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights? What about LDS Article of Faith 11 that claims the right to worship as we may and grants all others the same right?

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