Monday, March 28, 2011

A galaxy far, far away

*sticks envelope to forehead
A place I'd like to be, a place where life actually is fair, where Roswell's best-ever tourists came from.

Moving on.

On Friday I had the weirdest craving. It may have been hormone-related, but seriously, once I realized what it was I knew there was something going on because I've never had this urging in my entire 29 years.
I had a hankering to watch "Star Wars."
Weird, right? Just say right. Trust me, it is. When I told Rachel, she asked why. I did too.
But regardless, I firmly believe that when you have a craving, you should just give into it. Seriously. Because I know I'm going to lose the fight. Cheetos? Chocolate cake? Cookie dough? Staying up late when I have to go to work the next morning to finish a book? Take a nap even though it's 5 p.m. and I know I'll be up all night? Yup, I just cave, and pretty quickly too, to save myself the inevitable struggle that will still result in me caving.
Fortunately, I have friends who like "Star Wars," so last night we watched "Return of the Jedi." I should mention that the last time I watched this franchise, it was "Revenge of the Sith." I much prefer the ones that have come up in the last 10 years because a) I find Hayden Christiansen to be excellent eye candy, 2) Jar-Jar Binx makes me laugh, and iii)I don't properly appreciate what it took to make the special effects in the 1970s and 80s, so I get a little annoyed if the specefex (I just made that word up. What do you think?) aren't up to my 21st century standards.
So I watched Return of the Jedi. And I LOVED it. Luke was much less annoying than I remembered him from when I saw "A New Hope." Leia was, well, Leia. I never much liked her. The monsters were disgustingly awesome. The ewoks are even better than Jar-jar. The redemption didn't lose its poignancy given its predictability.
My only question is, if "Star Wars" is the gospel, is Darth Vader Judas, and does his forgiveness give the greatest traitor of all time a chance?

On another note, if you are a sick, twisted and depraved soul such as myself whose goal every day is to lose a little more faith in humanity, read this story about a few U.S soldiers who went way too far.

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