Thursday, March 3, 2011

Confession ... and then some

I am not particularly shy as to how I feel about BYU, and I am even less shy about how I feel about the honor code. My thought: seriously? They're adults. They have rules, the same rules everyone else in the LDS Church has. I too have to get my bishop to sign an endorsement of sorts; it's called a temple recommend. And unlike the honor code, it actually means something.
But I didn't get on here to complain about the honor code. After all, if you're going to school there, you know you have to live by it. And thus, you should be prepared to live with the consequences of violating it.
Which brings us to Brandon Davies. This 19-year-old basketball standout was benched at least for the remainder of the season, right before the important part of the season began, for an honor code violation. The team responded by being Jimmered by UNM at home.
The details of his violation have come out over the last two days, since apparently the public has a right to know. He is, after all, a public figure, and one who has just decimated the best basketball team BYU has ever had (so I've been told.)
He also is a 19-year-old who messed up. The world abounds with them; BYU abounds with them. He already had to deal with going to his bishop, with calling his parents, with realizing that he messed up fairly significantly.
Did he really have to confess to all the rest of us too? Does he need reminders from annoying sports anchors? Does he need the commenters on newspapers' websites diving in with their opinions?
I'm a huge defender of free speech and the public's right to know, but this ain't it. This was voyeuristic and cruel. Members of the LDS Church, who are basically the people who care about BYU, should recognize that a sin is between God and the sinner. Occasionally it requires some outside help, but it is not every BYU fan's business. Sure, I get apologizing to his teammates, because his actions let them down, but I sure hope he doesn't feel the need to apologize, or explain himself, to the fans. Puh-lease. He didn't hurt them. They need to grow up.
And remember that they too were once 19 and did stupid things. Or maybe they were older or younger and did stupid things. And remember how they felt after those stupid things and not compound those feelings in a 19-year-old who probably very much wishes he were a nobody right now.

As a bright spot, now you too can learn to do the Jimmer.

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