Monday, February 21, 2011

The perfect date

Chilling on the couch, Saturday afternoon football, screaming at the TV, the occasional high-five. I'm even OK with the infrequent argument over who's better or the ref's call. (Which I'm even OK with losing, as long as I go down kicking.)
You know how most people seem to have the one "thing" out of a long-term relationship that's totally goofy and doesn't seem like it should make a big deal, but it does? I'm not talking the normal stuff — working personality, temple-worthy, etc. Of course those things are important for everyone. I'm talking about that one thing, The DealBreaker, that makes perfect sense in your head but might seem kind of silly outside of it.
One boyfriend wanted a girl with whom he could spend hours quoting obscure movie lines. A guy I know could not survive a relationship with someone who disagrees with him politically. Another needs a girl who will let him drive and makes less money than him.
Yesterday I realized my thing was sports.
I've always wanted to marry a sports fan; I mean, really, how depressing would it be if from Labor Day through New Year's I spent Saturday afternoon yelling at the TV while he painted or read or did something else. I want to have somebody to go to games with and all that good stuff.
But yesterday I realized that really is my thing, my DealBreaker. There will be hours on end of college football all fall and fighting over whose team gets top priority that day. We'll have jerseys, there will be mutual yelling at the TV, and occasionally we'll get ourselves all decked out — yes, I'm talking about face paint — and go be real fans in the stands.
To quote the hokey pokey: that's what it's all about. No apologies. Sports nerds of the world, unite! And you single ones in the 84- zip codes, hey, I'm looking for an armchair quarterback. (I'm more of a tight end myself. ;)

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  1. lol I love it! I hope that reference about the political person wasn't about me. I agree about finding someone that is into sports...College Football, March Madness, the NFL,Hockey and did I mention hockey and we can't forget some soccer. Also someone who doesn't mind video games and would play NCAA Football with me during the offseason. Also politically somewhat close cause it just sucks to go at it with people over and over again. So, Heidi I hear ya! I think we all have dealbreakers.