Friday, February 4, 2011

I could not agree more

This gem, from a complaint about pushy drivers:
The line-cutter is the most enraging species of self-entitled driver, with those using the breakdown lane representing an even more despicable subspecies. These impatient hooligans seem to be convinced that lines are for chumps, that they are too important to be inconvenienced by basic concepts of fairness like “waiting your turn.” I resent people who think nothing of avoiding irritation for themselves by making it worse for others. Their behavior demonstrates a sense of entitlement and egotism that makes my blood boil.
Argh! I can't stand those people. I want a guarantee that there is karmic justice for people who intentionally drive to the front of the line as well as for the saps who let them in. Personally, I try to avoid letting them in at all costs when I'm up there. A good idea? Probably not. I don't care.

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