Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't feed the trolls

We should all ignore the Westboro Baptist Church.
Seriously, consider this quote from this story:
"They waited for the news coverage and were gone."
We have got to stop paying attention to these people! They're clearly either delusional, easily deluded or mean-spirited liars; it's not like they're spouting doctrine for the Second Coming and giving us the keys to the kingdom of heaven. They're not making political points. Even their signs aren't interesting anymore.
Personally, I think it would be great if some district attorney found some crime they were all committing and threw the book at them.
Professionally, I think the media needs to just leave them alone. I mean it. I don't care how great those images look on the front page. (And really, they don't.) Or that there's nothing else happening on the Wasatch Front that day and the lead story is the weather. I firmly believe that these individuals will shrivel up and die (metaphorically) if no one cares what they are doing.
Here's my proposal: Every single media outlet — mainstream, alternative, TV, newspaper, student, underground, radio, Internet gossip site, the collective blogosphere — agrees to not cover them. Not make a big deal about them accosting events. Not show pictures of their signs. Not offensive quotes from them. Make zero mention of them being around. Pretend they don't even exist.
After all, if a protest happens and no reporter shows up, does anyone actually care? Yeah, didn't think so.

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