Monday, January 10, 2011

Beating cancer

This will not be an angry post, I promise.
I just read that actor Michael Douglas no longer has a tumor in his throat. I'm so happy. I'm not a particularly huge fan of Mr. Douglas, but anytime someone beats cancer it's a good thing. (Well, if Fidel Castro died of cancer I'd probably consider it a draw.)
It's funny how we can all be brought together by things like this. I don't remember what I knew about cancer before my dad was diagnosed when I was 19, but it was an illness that "other people" "out there" dealt with. Smokers got lung cancer, and the brother of a friend of mine died of leukemia when I was young. And that was about it.
After he was diagnosed, it seemed like it was everywhere. Sadly, it is the second one that is far more correct.
So for everyone out there fighting, keep it up! We're all pulling for you.

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