Thursday, December 9, 2010

Of quarterlife crises

It's a real thing, you know, the quarterlife crisis. I'm pretty sure mine started a few months after I finished college. That was five years ago. I keep thinking I've gotten it resolved, then I realize it's just a quick fix that doesn't actually fix the problem -- whatever the problem is.
I bought a set of drums last night. This marks the first time in my life I've owned a musical instrument that's not a kazoo. It's pretty exciting. I bought them used (thanks to Craigslist, I will never have to go to a garage sale again) from this nice middle-aged couple who's 17-year-old son doesn't really play them anymore.
They asked if the drums were for me. I said yes, I was going through an identity crisis and had started playing the drums as a way to cope. She said, "Really?" in this tone of utter disbelief.
I realized later how I must have looked to them. I show up in a station wagon, dressed in suit pants, with a legitimate bank account from which to draw money to pay for this drum set. I'm not exactly garage band material. I should probably have more sedate, or at least more set, hobbies by this time in my life.
Aw, who cares? So at 28 3/4 I realized I like skydiving and playing the drums.
Here's to quarterlife crises! And all the same, here's hoping mine is almost over.

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  1. I heard a new term recently... "thrisis" ... so as your quarterlife crisis ends and you move toward 30, it is totally acceptable to have a thrisis.

    Hooray for the drums