Monday, December 13, 2010

Being male is bad for your health

No, really, it is. Men are more likely to die from fall-related injuries when they're older. They're more likely to complete suicide. Men are twice as likely to die in car accidents. The drive-by shootings I hear about almost always kill men. They're drastically more likely to get and die from cancer than women, and according to this article, prostate cancer's not the problem. Men are.
I'm not saying there's something inherently wrong with men, mind you. I wonder why many of the above are the case. Some of the statistics make sense; men are more likely to drive fast and take chances, both on and off the road, which leads to a greater risk of death or dismemberment. Men also have greater tendencies toward violence and weapons, which contributes somewhat to the violent crime statistics. (Rape being the exception — far more women are raped than men.)
Also, men are less likely to admit something is wrong and get help. I don't know if it's testosterone or something else, but for some reason, either real or perceived, men are unable to seek out help, and thus whatever they're suffering from kills them.
Weird. Guys, just go to the doctor. It's fine.

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