Thursday, November 11, 2010

The definition of family

I interviewed this fantastic couple yesterday. They'd lost their oldest son to suicide close to a decade ago, and while they had not moved beyond it and probably never would, they'd learned to move with it so they could move on. They are among the many people I've interviewed after which I felt blessed to have known them and realized that if I hated everything else about my job (which I don't) meeting people like them would make it worthwhile.
As I was leaving, the woman, who I've spoken to a number of times before, gave me a hug and told me I was just a doll and we should hang out. Then her husband, who's military and has the opposite personality, looked me in the eyes and sincerely said that he was glad to have met me, that I was a doll (never been called that before, and then twice in one night by two people who weren't in the same room when it happened), and that I was just cute and sweet and while I didn't need a man, I should have one because he didn't want me to be alone.
It's funny/wonderful how Heavenly Father puts people in your life to make up for the ones who aren't there. Since my dad died, I've had people -- my current bishop, my mission president, a former high councilor in my stake, a ward member on my mission -- step in and fill a tiny part of that role. With most of my family so far away, I have people like this couple who are willing to be adopted grandparents for my children (when the time comes, many moons from now), my best friend's cute nieces and nephews who just think I'm really fun, and my boss, who sincerely cares what is going on in her employees' lives.
Relationships are beautiful. They're what make the tapestry of our lives original and unique but connected. They help me see why God could bear to send all of His beloved children into a war zone. It's because He made sure there was always someone who's got your back.
Finish with corny quote from even cornier movie: "Love may not make the world go 'round, but it makes the ride worthwhile." On the Line

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