Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crazy? Sure. Clinically insane? Not so much.

Ahh, Brian David Mitchell. The man accused of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart and raping her daily throughout a 9-month period seven years ago.
He's back in the spotlight, this time for real. Jury selection for his trial started yesterday. He was removed for singing. A number of jurors were removed because they knew too much about the case or were unwilling to set aside what they'd heard. Defense attorneys weren't even satisfied with those who were left; one attorney wanted the judge to ask, and I assume disqualify, anyone who even knows someone close to them who's been sexually abused.
My first thought when I read that was, "Does anyone not have someone close to them who's been sexually abused?"
It sounds cynical, sure, but I'm not far from the truth, I don't think. The numbers are high enough that I'm betting every single person in the United States knows someone who has been sexually abused, and most people know someone very close to them who's suffered like that.
It seems like the type of juror the defense attorney is looking for hasn't just been hiding under a rock for the last eight years. That juror also has zero relationships and has never been damaged by anyone. Good luck finding that guy.

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