Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas wishes

I hate Christmas time. People all of a sudden start asking me for lists of things I want. And they will NOT take no for an answer.
So here are some of my ideas.
1. Peace on earth, goodwill toward men (c'mon, you knew it would be here somewhere)
2. Actual world peace, not Miss America's version. Shoot, I'd settle for a world ceasefire at the moment.
3. The elimination of poverty.
4. A cure for cancer.
5. Americans to realize what patriotism really is. (Hint: it ain't decorating in red, white and blue or toting around guns while touting your Second Amendment rights.)
6. Congress to stop acting like children. (No offense meant to children.)
7. A day in which all the news is happy.
8. The answer to just one of my burning questions.
9. A consistently winninger football team.
10. A drum set
You see my dilemma? I can't ask for any of this.

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