Monday, November 22, 2010


It is an inevitable part of life, so we should just embrace it instead of running from it.
- Sometimes you realize some of the friends you have aren't the friends you want to have.
- Other times you realize the holiday traditions you grew up with no longer fit.
- You wake up and discover the guy you're dating isn't the guy you want to be dating. He didn't change, but you did.
- The hobbies you've had since childhood may not strike your fancy as much anymore.
- The job or major or life path that you ideally mapped out in high school, or in college, or in grad school, or any other time, may not even be close to the path on which you now are.
- One day you might discover tomatoes are good.
- The qualities of that practically perfect future spouse you listed as a Mia Maid are almost nothing like the qualities you look for now. Some things fall off completely. Others that are totally unromantic and that you never would have cared about 10 years ago move to the top.
- The movies that made you cry now seem dull and a little shallow, while the movies that were too serious now have deep meaning into your own life.
- Your favorite novels, after being reread dozens of times, seem a little trite. You realize no fiction can compete with reality.
- You feel less silly being awkward. What "other people" think matters less. But what certain people think matters much, much more.
- You become more self-aware. The world no longer revolves around you.
- Sounding smart is less important than being sincere.

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