Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life's questions

Why is it so much easier to be normal talking to a man I'm not interested in?
Why -- and I mean why -- do PR people not return phone calls to reporters? Do they know their job description?
Why does my phone always ring when I go to the bathroom?
Why can my football team never quite make it over that hump?
Why did the health department put a picture of a girl getting a syringe up her nose on the front cover of their annual report?
Why are people always louder when they're trying their best to be quiet?
Why am I tired all day but never able to fall asleep at night?
Why is it snowing already? Come on, Utah. Give a girl a break.
Why do people listen to Christmas music in October? And by default, January through September.
Why must high heels hurt so?
Why does the federal government move more quickly than Best Buy or Amazon?

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