Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The counter, the bed and then the floor

My head is foggy right now.
It has little to do with the weather, which is chilly, overcast and wet. This could mean that fall is here -- yay! Fall is my favorite season. I want to get married in October, when the leaves are changing, and I love when it's cold enough to wear sweaters, curl up underneath my quilt and drink hot chocolate, but not so cold that being outdoors is painful.
Fall is also my favorite season because it's football season.
I am now going to write about football because it is a lighter topic than the 400-inch suicide story I've been slogging my way through for weeks now.
However, football is incredibly painful, just in a different way. Bear with me.
My team sucks. We're 2-2 right now and play Baylor in three days, and just four days ago Baylor beat Kansas 55-7. I didn't know Baylor had ever won a game, and then they pull that out. I'm a little scared. We have to beat Baylor.
But I'm ahead of myself. Two and a half weeks ago we played Texas. We were not good. The quarterbacks couldn't make anything happen, the offensive line couldn't keep the defense away from the quarterback -- terrible. Well, to be fair, our defense was not too shabby. Especially since they got half of the points.

Random insert of happiness: Since beating us, Texas has lost to UCLA and Oklahoma. Yay!

But seriously, we were always going to lose to Texas. We beat them just often enough to give us all hope that we could win, but the odds are never in our favor.
But then we played Iowa State. Who's slightly better than Baylor, but nowhere near Texas. And lost. LOST! Not by a little bit either; oh no, the score was 52-38. We were never even close.
And now I just discovered that the game I'm attending this year starts 45 minutes after my flight lands. I don't know why they can't play at 6 like usual; it's not like people are tuning in to watch Tech play anymore.
I don't know how different this season would be if the Pirate were at the helm -- but I really wish we'd gotten the chance to find out.

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