Thursday, September 30, 2010

Of iPhones and drum lessons

Both things I am considering.
The problem is my budget. The additional expense would pack a serious punch to my monthly budget, and would mean I have to cut way back on my extraneous, unnecessary and impulsive purchases. Which should be a good thing.
Except I think it's impossible. No matter how little I try to spend at the grocery store, it just adds up. ($100 in the last week. I'm serious. But Fonduepalooza is worth it, and I bought actual meat for the first time in possibly months.) Plus, shoes just seem to jump into my hands, and I can't not buy them. And sometimes a girl needs a little retail therapy, y'know?
So the question I need to ask myself now is, what kind of human being do I want to be? The kind who looks back and thinks, "Why did I buy so many shoes?" or the kind who's too busy drumming, skydiving, rock climbing, traveling and playing to worry about how cute my shoes are?

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